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It’s nearly 14 years since Andrew and I started Simmonds Stewart in a Wellington serviced office.  We had bold plans, but we never dreamed that that we’d develop NZ’s most popular law firm website or that we’d have a fast-growing business in Southeast Asia.

With the firm humming, Andrew has decided that it’s now time to call it a day as a law firm partner, and to look for opportunities beyond the world of time sheets and 6 minute units.

Andrew, one of New Zealand’s leading technology lawyers, has played a pivotal role in Simmonds Stewart’s success to date.  He was the architect of the firm’s marketing and digital strategy, including the launch of our free online templates. This has given us incredible brand recognition, not just in New Zealand, but internationally.  And he has played a key role in the establishment of both our Auckland and Singapore offices. 

In the tech industry, Andrew is well known for his advocacy for startups and founders including his loud campaigning for founder-friendly investment terms.  He has also had a major hand in the securities law changes which enabled NZ startups to offer Silicon Valley style option schemes to their employees, and these are now standard practice in the local tech scene.  His efforts have moved the dial for NZ startups.

In his day job as a lawyer, Andrew has helped hundreds of startups, founders and investors with their legal projects and problems, often being able to magic up solutions from a seemingly hopeless situation.  Despite his mantra that coffee doesn’t scale, he’s also spent countless hours offering his thoughts and wisdom to people in the ecosystem over a flat white.

Andrew’s leaving with the firm in great shape.  We’ve broken plenty of firm records recently, including helping clients to close more than 100 capital raises (116 to be exact) in 2019 with total capital raised of almost half-a-billion dollars. 

We expect to beat that record this year, with NZ capital raising activity boosted by the new Venture Capital Fund, and with the fast expansion of our Southeast Asia client base.  To help us manage this growth, we’ve got three new lawyers joining us over the next couple of months, and some other exciting plans in the pipeline.

We are sure that Andrew will be as successful in the next stage of his career as he has been with Simmonds Stewart, and we look forward to collaborating with him soon.

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