old dog, new tricks?



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We’ve got some pretty ambitious plans for Simmonds Stewart, including developing our many free legal templates into a suite of automated doc makers. This is all part of a technology strategy to maximise the value we provide to the tech community while maximising the efficiency of our own legal team.

It turns out that developing and implementing this strategy is more or less a full-time job.  And who better to do that for the firm?  Yes, master strategist and resident tech geek, Andrew Simmonds.

Given this, for the foreseeable future, Andrew will be stepping back from day to day legal work and will focus full time on technology strategy and delivery.  We’re excited about this – we think it gives the firm the best shot of meeting our growth targets.  And luckily, we’ve got some great depth in our corporate team to take over the reins on Andrew’s work – starting at the top with Lee and Julie.

But don’t worry, Andrew will still be around.  And, if you know him as well as we do, he won’t be able to help himself from sticking his nose into the legal stuff from time to time.

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