For ages, we’ve been thinking that it would be great to offer a free document generator for some of our most popular legal templates.

While we were busy Googling document automation technologies, New Plymouth start-up Automio had a different problem.  Automio was creating its own cloud based document builder and interview bot, but needed some legal templates for a seed capital round.

Automio’s founder, legal entrepreneur Claudia King, Googled capital raising templates NZ and found Simmonds Stewart’s treasure trove of free tech company financing templates.  Once Claudia had her capital raise under control, she got in touch.

Well, there’s no prizes for guessing what happened next . . .

Yep, we decided that a pilot was in order.

We’ve started by using the Automio platform to automate our confidentiality agreement (or in American parlance, our NDA).  It’s a simple document but is frequently used by tech companies, so should be a good test case.  And the best thing is, you can use it for free.  We’d love you to try it out and let us know what you think.  From there, we’ll decide our next steps.

A lot of our day job is helping companies take great tech offerings to market.  So, it’s great to be the one making that offering in collaboration with NZ legal tech start-up, Automio.

make your NDA with Automio

by , 15 March 2017