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This document generator creates a customised independent contractor agreement. This is a simple company friendly agreement for engaging independent contractors or consultants to work for a company (either as sole traders or through a single purpose company operated by the contractor or consultant).

In New Zealand (and some other countries), an individual may be deemed to be an employee for employment law and/or tax purposes, regardless of their stated contractual status i.e. engaging an individual as an independent contractor may not stop them from being treated as an employee for legal purposes.  In New Zealand, factors include:

  • duration of the relationship (longer term may suggest an employment relationship);
  • who provides equipment, who controls how and what work is done; and
  • the extent to which the contractor is autonomous (the less responsibility the individual has for those matters the more likely they are to be treated as an employee for legal purposes).

If you are not familiar with the legal rules that apply to the use of independent contractors in your business, particularly concerning the risk of contractors being treated as employees for legal purposes, please take local legal advice before using the agreement created by this doc maker.

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