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This doc maker is designed to create a term sheet for NZ tech startup/early stage companies undertaking an equity capital raise.

The doc maker is very flexible. You can use it to build, from the ground up, a term sheet for a simple friends and family round, for an informal angel round, for an angel club round (with or without NZVIF) or for a VC investment (with or without NZVIF).

This flexibility does mean that there are a lot of fields to complete if you want to take the “build from the ground up approach”. Building from the ground up requires a reasonable degree of understanding of angel/VC investment terms so that you can make appropriate choices on the terms to include and the parameters of various terms.

To make things easier for companies raising money from NZ angel clubs, we have included a “Simmonds Stewart suggests” option that will help you create a term sheet appropriate as a starting point for negotiation with the angels. This button pre-bakes a lot of the terms that are standard for deals of this kind and omits terms that are generally not used. The outcome is a term sheet similar to Simmonds Stewart’s markup of the NZVIF SCIF term sheet that you can download from our templates page.

The Simmonds Stewart suggests term sheet is a “Beta” function at this stage. We haven’t yet road tested the document with NZ angel clubs yet, but we hope to discuss it with the NZ Angel Association in the near future.

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