Last week Lee and I presented at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore to a group of potential spin-out teams on raising capital by way of convertibles notes. It was great for us to be invited in and help the incubation programme of one of Asia’s most notable universities. The presentation generated a lively debate amongst the large audience as to the benefits of convertible notes vs an equity investment. A copy of the slide deck from the presentation is available to download on the link below, covering the following topics:

  • convertible notes vs equity comparison
  • when to use convertible notes
  • how do they work?
  • KISS vs SAFE comparison
  • common points of negotiation with investors
  • documentation and resources

The presentation was timely as it coincided with the release of our Southeast Asia KISS note document generator. Whilst SAFEs are much less commonly used (generally perceived as too founder friendly for most investors) we still intend to create an automated SAFE generator soon, so look out for that.

download presentation

by , 25 July 2017