GDPR privacy policy

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This doc maker creates a privacy policy for business e-commerce and marketing websites, including marketing sites for SaaS businesses.

The privacy policy created by the doc maker:

  • will be customised to reflect how your business collects, uses, discloses and protects your website visitors’ and customers’ personal information
  • complies with the NZ Privacy Act and the GDPR (unless your business is carrying out activities that are high risk under the GDPR, in which case the doc maker will alert you that this is the case and recommend further advice)
  • addresses the use of cookies on a website (as is required under the GDPR).

The doc maker only addresses privacy/data protection requirements under the NZ Privacy Act and the GDPR (e.g. it does not reflect Australian or Singapore requirements).  It is intended for use with sites that are low risk from a privacy law perspective, and is not suitable out of the box for social media, advertising-heavy or marketplace sites (or for other higher risk sites).

You will need to carefully review the assembled privacy policy.  While the doc maker provides customisable options, you may need to modify or delete some areas or add additional information as necessary to tailor the policy for your business.  The options provided are examples only and are not exhaustive.

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