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active investors in nz tech startups

This guide (revised for 2020) is our take on NZ’s tech investor landscape. This is aimed at early-stage startups who are considering getting investment into their company.

dealing with data in contracts 

If you provide SaaS products or services to your clients as part of your business, this guide is for you. We’ll cover what you need to know if you handle…

does your investor pass the FMCA test?

This is a choose your own adventure-style tool we have created for companies looking to raise capital by issuing shares, options or convertible notes to New Zealand-based investors.

tips and tricks for your next nda

Before you start a new business relationship, it’s often sensible to sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement (NDA) so that you can explore the proposed relationship freely – in the…

agile and software development contracts

In this guide, we look to explain how agile works and discuss the things you need to think about in your ICT contract if you want to use agile (and get customers to agree to that too).

legal basics for startups

If you're thinking of building a tech company, here's a good place to start. In this guide we cover legal basics every startup should know.

unfair contract terms – did you know?

Changes to the Fair Trading Act (FTA) to protect against unfair contract terms come into force today (17 March).  From today (and with some exceptions), it will be unlawful to…

how to negotiate tranched investments in the SCIF term sheet

We usually advise companies to avoid tranching if they can. The obvious reason is the risk associated with a conditional funding commitment. However, a number of other problems that can arise, some of which can hurt investors as well as the companies they invest in.


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lawyering in the cloud

The reality is most New Zealand law firms run their practices on software and infrastructure designed in the 90s. We discuss what should be in a modern law firm's tech stack.

digital marketing for lawyers

Digital marketing provides great opportunities for the profession, particularly for firms with growth aspirations who are willing to be nimble and embrace new ways of working.

employee share schemes for nz tech companies

We will explain the new tax rules that came into force on 1 April 2018, including why these rules mean that for most startups an ESOP (employee share option scheme) will be the best choice.

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